Jul 12, 2010 Leave a Comment

Hi there.  How are you?  I'm great.  This is a lovely week for me because I am not at work.  I'm in Michigan instead.  Going to the lake, watching movies, stuff like that.  It's grand.

I'm sad that I've been a bit behind on posting, reading and commenting.  It's something I enjoy doing very much and helps give me that highly necessary "me time" I require.  But alas, work is work.

So it's good that I have this time off.  It came at just the right time, too.  For a lot of reasons.  And now I can make some more posts about what I've been up to.  I also haven't totally been neglecting the blog, just making a new one.  Mainly because I like trying out new layouts.  It's fun.  And also because I was drunk one night and came up with a whole bunch of really stupid blog names.  I think Matt should use one of them for his blog.  If he makes one.  He says they're stupid but I think he secretly likes them.  Because he's always asking, "are you going to write about this in your blog?" and saying "you should take a picture of this to put in your blog."  He's funny like that.

So I linked the new blog up top.  It's a fail blog of sorts, because those are funny.  I hope this one is funny.  I figure I'll post in there sometimes, when I feel like it.  Kind of like this one, I suppose.  


  • Chloe said:  

    And when is Matt going to write in this blog??

  • Maureen said:  

    good question. if he made one, i'd probably end up writing in it.

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