A Saturday Wedding

May 29, 2011 Leave a Comment

I went to a wedding yesterday.  It was for two of Matt's friends.  He actually knew both of them separately before they met.  Funny, huh?  Anyway, they had their wedding at Hotel Albuquerque, which we missed because we're slowpokes (and who knew some weddings only lasted 30 minutes?  Catholic weddings seem to last about 30 years... haha)

Anyway, the reception was in the building right next door to the hotel, so we hung out in Old Town while we waited for the party to start.  I've been to Old Town a few times before but we ended up finding some places that neither of us had explored before.  We also went to see the "Adult Room" at The Candy Lady, full of penis shaped lollipops and other naughty goodies.  And the rattlesnake museum.  We didn't pay to get into the actual museum part but we wandered around the gift shop and watched a turtle mow down on a piece of lettuce.  It was so cute! 

The reception was held at Casa Esencia, which is basically a large renovated old house.  I only had my phone with me, so I didn't take many pictures.  (I wouldn't be able to get the pics off my phone right away anyway) So I took some from their facebook page,  Tee hee.

This is the main dance room where the bride and groom were introduced, where they cut the cake, made speeches and played dance music.  Fancy, huh?

The whole place was like a traveling buffet, with different foods in each room.  The newly married couple are vegans, so I wasn't sure what to expect food-wise, but it was all really good!  I especially loved the butternut squash soup.  This room had a chips and salsa bar.  The piano wasn't there, though.

The groom is the singer in a cover band, so he serenaded his wife with a few songs out here in this courtyard.  One song she had requested was "New Age Girl."  It brought back memories of being in middle school, hanging out in my friend's basement listening to that song.  Haha.

And of course, what is a wedding without a bar?  The first $1000 in drinks were free.  I managed to get one free drink before they reached the cutoff point.  I chose my old standby, vodka and cranberry, with Ketel One vodka.  Not too shabby!   

We spent a good majority of our time in this courtyard.  It was a lovely, warm evening and the landscaping was just beautiful.  What an awesome place for a wedding reception! 


  • Jessica said:  

    Wow...I can't believe the $1000 limit was reached before you could grab a second drink! Crazy! :) I love that courtyard! I mean, the whole place is gorgeous...but that courtyard looks like a place to just chill and relax... :)

  • Jennifer said:  

    thanks for stopping by Maureen :-). Nice to know I am not alone. Gorgeous place for the couple for a wedding reception by the way!

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