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Cochiti is our puppy.

We got him in January.  Yes, I've wanted a puppy pretty much my whole life (seriously, I dreamed in puppies) and now that I have one, I waited two months to even mention it.

Why, I have no idea.  Probably because I'm lazy, and because having a puppy takes away some of my energies (he has enough for all three of us).  I've heard people say having a puppy is like having a baby.  I'm going to go out on a limb here, and say that it is definitely not.  Not that I have much experience in the baby department, but I think it's a fair assumption.

It is definitely work, though.  Especially when your puppy is just a little bit, well... let's call it "special."  But he's sweet and he means well.  He definitely has a lot of personality.  For brevity's sake, I will bullet-point his most interesting and noteworthy characteristics.

  • From the beginning, his favorite toy has been a plastic flower pot.  He loves flailing it around, throwing it in the air, and just generally trying to rip it to shreds.
  •  One day, he had said flower pot on his head and he ran right off the porch because he couldn't see that he was on the edge.
  • He's a heeler, so he LOVES biting feet.  It's pretty much his favorite thing, besides the flower pot.
  • He goes wild over snow.  Just the tiniest little patch, and he's happy happy happy.
  • At my apartment, he once decided to pee on the sliding glass door.  I'm pretty sure he thought he was going outside.  At least he tried...
  • He has a serious underbite and could use some doggie headgear.
  • The bottom of his paws smell like popcorn.
  • His poppers STINK!
  • He has demolished countless small sticks
  • He mows his food faster than a crocodile in the Nile.  And he snaps his jaws like one too.
  • He sometimes thinks "good boy" means he can immediately start being bad.
  • He has gained 5 lbs since we got him.  We think he might be part German Shepherd.
  • He is very capable of jumping up on top of the kitchen table.
  • He is very affectionate and likes to cuddle with us in the morning.  He has also decided it's a good idea to put his head on the pillow.
  • When he dreams, he acts like he is running and makes tiny little barks.
  • He runs like a madman in the hills.  Seeing how much fun he has always puts a smile on my face.


  • Chloe Deverill said:  

    AWww a puppy!!
    I've always wanted to have a puppy too... Maybe some day.
    How do you pronounce his name?

  • Maureen said:  

    It's like Coach-et-tee, with the emphasis on the first syllable. It's the name of a lake here.

  • Amanda said:  

    Awww! Cute puppy :) Congrats on the new addition.

  • Rachel said:  

    oh SWEET! I've always always always wanted a dog too! Maybe when we get our vicarage with a big garden!

    I've finally got round to answering your question post that you tagged me in ages ago. I'll publish it later this week :)

  • PJ said:  

    Aww, cute! You finally got your puppy!

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