Hooray For Friday!

Jan 28, 2011 Leave a Comment

The broken crap theme of 2011 continues.  My computer is still not working but I have located the recovery disks (yay!  thanks to cleaning out my closet) and can now attempt to fix it.

At work, we are transferring all our shared drives over to one single drive called the O drive, powered by Oracle.  Coincidentally, I am learning all about Oracle in school, where I'm taking Database Design.  I liken Oracle to ESRI in terms of propaganda and cornering the market, but they work well enough (although I still curse Jack Dangermond from time to time).  Anyway, guess whose computer the new drive does not work on?  Yep.  Apparently, some other program I have and the new program do not like each other and it was messing up my desktop and some internet things.  A tech guy came and tried to help me but all that ended up happening was him uninstalling the program and telling me that I'd have to access the drive through the internet server instead.  Not a huge deal, just annoying.

On Tuesday or Wednesday, I was sitting on the couch and noticed that the clock on my cable box was turned off.  Thinking that was odd, I tried turning it on, and hey, guess what!  That doesn't work either.  I called Comcast and they will be arriving with a new box on Sunday. 

Whenever I close my eyes, all I see is my map that I've been working on for the past week.  I am so sick of that map.  I want to punch it in the face.  And I only have to do like 6 more.  Ugh.  Friday could not have come any sooner. 

I should probably talk about something more upbeat.  Um, two weekends ago, my friend Erica came to visit.  It was fun.  Today she posted a picture of us hiking in the mountains by Travertine Falls.  So I am stealing it.

And there ya have it.  I hope you all have a good weekend.  I am looking forward to some nice weather.  At least I don't have a million tons of snow, like some people do : )


  • Rachel @ dreamingofthecountry said:  

    Sorry to hear about all your things breaking. How frustrating!
    Hope you're having a good weekend!

  • Jessica said:  

    Wait....your job is to draw maps??

    You just got like, a million percent cooler in my book (though I'm not one for giving directions, so drawing maps us probably a bad idea...for me)

  • Maureen said:  

    Umm, yeah... and the funny thing is I have the most horrible sense of direction ever. It's bad. I'm not really sure how I got this job. But basically my job is spending 6 months wandering around in the forest digging holes and writing stuff down and then I come back and put lines on a map depending what I found out from digging the holes.

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