Silver City

Feb 11, 2011 Leave a Comment

I'm in a grumpy mood right now and am starting to think about all the things I don't like about my life, past and present.  So I'm just going to vent for a while about the crappy parts of my trip to Silver City.

At the end of last year, my boss decided I should go to Silver City every month to meet with my coworkers down there.  This annoyed me.  How come I have to go down there and they don't ever have to come up here?  That's what I thought.  It's not entirely true, because they do have to come up here in two weeks.  Not to meet with me, though.  We're all having a training that they have to go to.  I'm just a secondary thought.  So I didn't go last month because I had other stuff to do but I went this week. 

On the way down, I went through Hatch (famous for green chile growing) to avoid the snow in the mountains.  From Hatch, I was going to go to Deming but there was a grass fire and the road was closed.  So I had to go all the way down to Las Cruces and then back to Deming that way.  After I got to Deming, it took another hour to get to Silver.  So I was on the road for over 6 hours.  It was really great.  Lots of fun. 

Luckily, there was a still a little bit of light left by the time I got to my hotel, and it wasn't cold, so I walked to Wendy's to get a salad for dinner.  My hotel was nice, but the whirlpool that I had been looking forward to was broken.  Very disappointing. 

That night, I took out my contacts and there was a huge rip down the middle of the right one.  And I, being a genius, did not bring an extra pair or my glasses.  I had a really hard time seeing the next two days and I was really nervous about being able to get back to Albuquerque. 

On Wednesday, one of my coworkers suggested I call my eye doctor to give me my prescription, and then I could pick it up at Wal-Mart.  But my stupid eye doctor would not give me my prescription because it had been over a year since my last eye appointment.  I begged with them, trying to explain my situation to make it seem as pitiful as possible.  But no luck.  They would not give in.

I decided to schedule an appointment with the Wal-Mart eye doctor.  Lucky for me, she was in the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Unlucky for me, the first open appointment was February 28.  That just would not do.  I told the receptionist it had to be tomorrow or nothing.  She said there might be a cancellation.  And sure enough, there was.  By 6pm the next day, I had a new prescription, and more importantly, a new pair of contacts.  So at least one good thing happened to me.

Honestly, my whole trip wasn't that bad.  I had some good food, went out for drinks, and I really think we got a lot accomplished while I was down there.  Sometimes I think I'd enjoy my job more and have a better social life if I was down in Silver City.  But on the other hand, I'd be in Silver City.

I just wish some people would realize how inconsiderate they are being.  I know that's random, but it's what I'm thinking about right now.


  • Rachel said:  

    Wow, six hours is a long time!
    I'm glad you got new contacts though. Hope you're feeling happier soon :)

  • carma said:  

    that whole eye doctor contact thing pisses me off. it is ridiculous if you have been wearing the same contacts for years. I think the system is rigged that way so that we are forced to go once a year. Glad you were able to get it resolved without having to go to your regular doctor - his loss :D

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