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Mount Taylor, Take Two

Sep 2, 2011 Leave a Comment

So, remember a couple posts back when I said I took a trip to this mountain?

No?  That's okay.  I've been somewhat absent from blogland lately.  Not so much by choice as it was being forced to work by my most lovely and wonderful job that helps pay my rent and such.  But I have a long weekend now (yay!) and Matt's off at his friend's house or something so I may blog to my heart's content.

Anyway, if you haven't guessed by now, I went camping on Mount Taylor for the second time.  It's been over a year since we've been there, so we figured it was time (even though I go camping pretty much every week, but fun camping is generally better than work camping).  It's been a while so I don't remember all the details, except that we got there at night and it was really dark and cold so I was grumpy.  But the next morning (or maybe afternoon?) we took a walk to the edge of the mountain and saw this.

Pretty spiffariffic, yes?  I thought so.  At this point, I was busy drinking some beer.  I got this new ginger grapefruit kind and it is amaaaaazing.  We like to say that whenever beer spills, it's Jim Morrison coming to take a sip.  Well, Jimmy (as Egghead would call him), must have been thirsty that day.  He spilled my beer and then he threw my toilet paper roll over a cliff.  It was definitely not me being clumsy.  I am never clumsy.

It was actually a good thing that the T.P. fell down there, because otherwise we would not have found a really cool lava bomb rock.  It was all round and smooth and lava bomb-ish.  I didn't take a picture of it because I have the real thing.... somewhere.

Then I took a bunch of really bad pictures.  I couldn't tell that they were bad at the time because the sun was being weird in my camera and I couldn't see what they looked like.  But now, looking at them, they're bad.  I'll try to find a couple decent ones for you.

There ya go.  Those aren't so bad.  After the view, we went back to camp and made a fire.  Okay, I didn't make the fire, but I took a video of it, because ... why not?

And that is how I will end this post.


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