Saliz Pass

Oct 27, 2012 Leave a Comment

Hi.  I'm back.  I just finished my 20th week in the field and we are calling it quits for the year.  We were thinking about going back next week to collect production data, which is basically throwing around a metal hoop, clipping all the grass inside it with scissors, putting it in a bag, and weighing it.  Something like that.  But, now we're not going to do that... (this year, anyway) so, yay!  We're done!

I'm going to try to catch up on some field stories and pictures, so we'll see how that goes.  As usual, I don't remember what order things happened in, but I separated all my photos into different folders, so at least I know where I was when I took the picture.  This is from the day I took an awesome hike through a pretty little stream channel in Saliz Pass.  It was probably my favorite hike of the entire season.  Super easy and flat and tons of cool scenery.



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    I hate that stupid blogger will never let me comment on your posts without a serious 100 tries. I am trying, but this is kiling me!

    What I'd said wa ls that I love your pics and the posts, but I can never ever

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    I am not sure who above comment is from, but it doesn't seem like spam, so I'll post it. Thanks for trying 100 times to write a comment. That's some dedication.

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