How I Spent My Anniversary

Dec 30, 2012 Leave a Comment

So, Matt and my 4 year anniversary was in October.  Yes.  October.  And yes, four years.  Anywho, for our anniversary we went to an air show in Socorro.  Yay!  And we didn't actually go in October.  We went in September, and I am therefore even more behind, but it was close enough to October to call it our anniversary trip. 

Now, what did we do there?  Well, we saw some airplanes, of course! (duh)



Stinson interior.  I thought this was very fancy!

Matt took about 10 bajillion pictures and I honestly can't remember which planes he or I thought were the coolest, but for some reason these few stand out.  I do recall that the Stinson was especially popular and the T-6 had a female pilot.

The main attraction of the event was the B-17.  It is an old plane that dropped bombs.  That is pretty much all I know about it.  Apparently it was a pretty big deal.

They were offering rides for $400.  Needless to say, I did not allow that. 

One thing I did allow was the $5 tour of the plane.  We waited until pretty much the end of the show after everyone else got tired of it and left, and ended up with our own private tour. 

 Pretty neat, huh?


  • Chloe Deverill said:  

    how cool!!
    Glad you had such a great time!

  • PJ said:  

    You are like the best girl friend ever. There is no way this would fly (ha ha, I made an unintentional joke) with me. This would be one of those "no, you go ahead, I'll stay here and blessedly get some alone time" trips for me. I mean JZ and I don't really have or celebrate an anniversary; but, something like this would certainly not count towards it.

  • Off-Black said:  

    "Sentimental Journey" is kind of a big deal. So cool you had the patience to wait and get a proper tour :)
    Some of those 30's designs like the Stinson have some pretty cool styling touches as well. Also we call a T-6 a "Harvard" here, so if you see me posting pics of any it's exactly the same thing. I'm so behind with my airshow blogging. The first big local one of the season is next weekend and I haven't even put up the all the stuff I wanted to about the ones I went to last year.
    And we didn't go on our honeymoon until about six weeks after the wedding. I'm not sure if that beats your september/october thing, but really it's when you decide it is :)

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