And We Crossed the Line, Falling Through Time

Feb 1, 2010 Leave a Comment

Most of you probably know about the recent movie, Land of the Lost, with Will Ferrell.  Back in the 90's, this was one of my favorite Saturday morning television shows.  I even memorized the whole dang theme song and can still sing it to this day.

Pretty cheesy, right?  Yeah, that's what I thought until I saw the theme song for the 1974 version.  I've never seen it before today, just heard about the earlier show, so I thought I'd check it out.

Oh my gosh.  Seriously?  The earthquake cracks me up.  And the dinosaur.  Ohhh, the dinosaur!  Yes!  It is awesome!  And then the end when the kids are talking to the monkey-type thing.  Creepy!

So why am I showing you all this stuff?  Because this week, the archaeologizing continues!  You are excited.  You know it.  Stay tuned.


  • Chloe said:  

    I'll stay tuned! :)

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