The Closest I'm Going to Get to a Love Song

Feb 11, 2010 Leave a Comment

I'm jumping back on the bandwagon.  The Spin Cycle topic this week is Valentine's Day.  Instead of talking about my relationship or my Valentine's Day plans and all that blah blah, I decided to express my feelings through song.

So... I'm going to sing for you!

Just kidding.  Because I'm pretty sure that would be classified as some sort of torture, and because this is pretty much the best song ever, I decided to leave it up to the experts.


(By the way, I am totally STOKED that the Chili Peppers are back at it again and curious to find out what this new guitarist is like.  He's no John Frusciante, but I hear he's pretty darn close)


  • Sprite's Keeper said:  

    Heh heh, John was trying to jam to the song, but my volume isn't working well, so he's trying to find it online now! Look what you've started!
    You're linked!

  • steenky bee said:  

    Love, love the Chili Peppers. I can't see a man wearing only a sock on his *you know* without thinking about them.

  • CaJoh said:  

    Stopping by from the Spin Cycle…

    Did not realize that they are back. Quite cool to know.

    An excellent spin (nobody expects a song).

    Thanks for sharing,

  • Chloe said:  

    Original post for Valentine's day!
    I love this new background!
    Have a wonderful Valentine's Day with Matt!

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