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Oct 26, 2011 Leave a Comment

Tonight, I'm relaxing listening to Oasis on my newly re-downloaded iTunes.  It only took me forever to get around to installing it again.  But now that my field season is over -- did I mention that it was over?  It ended rather abruptly and unexpectedly, but yes, it's done -- I am finding that it's not as hard to be productive as I thought it would be.  I mean, yeah, it's still hard to want to do laundry and clean the apartment, and getting used to being in the office again is kind of making my brain explode but it's happening.

I want to get this thing up to date, so here's some pictures of balloons from Fiesta 2011.

dawn patrol
it snowed in the mountains that morning

the all blacks rugby team, for new zealand : )
fractal balloon

navy seal skydivers

There are actually a lot more but I'm going to split it up here.  Part 2 to come later.


  • Off-Black said:  

    Yay, flying Kiwi!

    The shots of the blue sky filled with balloons are awesome :)

  • PJ said:  

    Are those a shark (being inflated) and a pig?! I love it! I should really go to the Virginia balloon festival one year.

  • Maureen said:  

    Yep, a shark and a pig with sunglasses. There is an even cooler pig one which I'm going to show in the next round of photos.

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