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There is a lot I need to post about.  Garden progress, field work, the giant fire in the Gila...  Right now, I will say that, despite my fire training, I will not be working on the current fire.  Instead, I have to be around to give our seasonal employee something to do.  I'm not blaming her.  I think she's awesome, and super smart.  But I am slightly resentful.  It's like it was planned that way on purpose.  Oh, well.  On the bright side, I am now enjoying my weekend off instead of spending my Saturday riding down to Silver City with my boss listening to Rush Limbaugh.  Blah.

Anyway, Chloe made a post and asked some questions, so I will answer them.

1. What is your favorite hobby?  Writing.  I try to write in my personal journal at least several times a week.  And I also want to start writing some less private/angst-ridden things, that could potentially get published some day.  Also, scrapbooking.  Sometimes I daydream about my scrapbooks...

2. Be honest: do you like your in-laws? Why/why not?  I like them a lot more now that they live in Kansas!  Haha.  No, really, they're not too bad.

3. What is your biggest dream?  Honestly, just to be successful, and to be happy doing what I love.  To have long-lasting meaningful friendships, and a relationship based on respect and trust.

4. What do you think about marriage?  I would like to be married, someday.  That's really my only opinion on it at the moment.

5. Babies: yes or no? How many?  Right now, we have a strict "no waaah" policy.  But in the long run, I'm not sure.

6. Any allergies?  I'm allergic to some random medications, including sulfa drugs and robitussin.  Also, the not being able to eat avocado thing.

7. What is your biggest fear?  Failure, and not being able to do or get what I want out of life because of that fear.

8. Would you like to be a working mom or SAHM?  Since I'm not sure I even want to be a mom, I'll go with working.

9. What is taboo for you?  Not much.  When you spend all your time camping with two guys, that kind of stuff pretty much goes out the window.

10. How much do spend in clothes every month?  I hardly ever spend money on clothes for myself.  My last time clothes shopping I used gift cards from Christmas.

11. Airplane, cruise, car or train?  I would take any of those methods of transportation, but for some reason, I really want to take a train somewhere.  The train station is right next to my office, and sometimes I imagine leaving work, getting on the train, and just going...


  • Megan said:  

    Oh my gosh, I daydream about scrapbooks all the time! Good to know I'm not alone!

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