Jul 3, 2012 Leave a Comment

This is Winston.

Yeah, that's pretty much all of it.

So far, we've stopped there twice for gas.  It is expensive!  Both times, J went in to pay while I stayed outside taking random pictures.

The first time he went in, some guys (hunters?) wanted to know whether he had any maps of the ponds in the forest and got annoyed when he didn't.


The second time, he said he heard the word "wetback" so many times in the few minutes he was in there, that it made him uncomfortable.

You can learn a lot about a town by a visit to its General Store.


  • Off-Black said:  

    So gotta be asked, did you spit on the sidewalk? :)

  • Maureen said:  

    Haha, no. Given the general opinion of our organization, I probably would have gotten the $100 fine. Plus we never would have been able to stop there for gas again. I thought about it, though.

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