The Saga of the Rental Car: I'm Not Gonna Pay...

May 6, 2010 Leave a Comment

Part 1
Part 2

On Monday, I still hadn't heard from the collision center, so I called them around 10 am.  My car was finished.  Apparently, I was on the guy's "to call" list, he just hadn't gotten around to it yet.  Ok, whatever.  I went over to look at it after work that day and it looked good, so I headed over to the rental place to return the nissan.

Before I dropped it off, I had to get some gas.  I was worried about bringing it back not completely full but since it wasn't that way when I got it, I decided I would try it and see what happened.  Nissan tanks must be really small, or maybe I'm just used to my Saturn and the enormous Suburban tank that takes 10 years to fill.  It was almost empty so I decided to put in 5 gallons and see how much it filled.  That filled it to 3/4 of the tank.  I decided that was enough and went to the rental place.

Turns out I had nothing to worry about.  The guy looked at the mileage and stuff before we went into the office, and when we were in there, he asked me how full the tank was when I got it.  I said half full, and he said ok.  No problem.  Yay!

Then he drove me back to the car shop and I picked up my clunky Saturn and went home.

As for the payment on the rental car, I had called the insurance company earlier that day and the guy told me that the three day thing was just a formality and he had extended the rental period and gotten a bill for 100% of the cost.  I left the rental place with the assurance that "no news was good news" in terms of me having to pay for anything.

A few days later, I got news.


  • Anonymous said:  

    Oh man. I hate insurance companies!

  • Jennifer Lynn said:  

    Uh Oh. I am guessing it's bad. :( Boo.

  • carma said:  

    You got news?? UGH. I feel for ya. I absolutely hate dealing with stuff like this.

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