Free Carpet Cleaning, No Work Involved

Aug 8, 2010 Leave a Comment

In theory, I like to keep things clean.  When I first moved into my apartment, I said "I am going to clean a different room in the house every weekend.  That way everything will stay clean all the time!" 

Even though that didn't really happen, at all, I still have the desire to have a nice, clean apartment where I can invite people over, if I ever had any people to invite over.  Oh well.

Anyway, it's hard to clean up after myself especially during field season when apartment life consists of walking in with muddy boots, dropping all my stuff somewhere in the living room, finding something to eat in the freezer and collapsing on the couch.  Stuff can get a little dirty.

But I found a simple, free way to (partially) remedy this problem.  And all I had to do was renew my lease.

Remember the muddy boots?  Well, muddy boots make for muddy carpets.  I've been thinking about renting a shop vac or something to clean up the drippy, muddy spots that have accumulated over the two years that I've lived here.  But it's a funny thing how working hours seem to coincide so well with business hours, so I don't really get much of that stuff done.

So imagine my surprise when I find a note stuck to my door announcing that if I renew my lease, I will get a FREE carpet cleaning.  What?  A carpet cleaning that costs no money and involves no work for me?  I'm in!

I scheduled an appointment for this past Friday morning, between 8:30 and 9 a.m.  This was an added bonus because I got to sleep in while waiting for the carpet cleaner guy to arrive.  By 9, everything had been picked up off the floor and the dude shows up with his special clean-y vacuum.  I waited while he did his thing, which couldn't have lasted more that 15 minutes, and when he walked out the door, I had a fresh clean carpet under my feet.

A guy I knew in school once told me that he would vacuum his room every weekend because he liked the way the lines looked on the floor.  Now I see what he means.  And now that my carpet is clean, I'm going to work hard to keep it that way for as long as I can.  And who knows, maybe I'll get another free cleaning next year!


  • Chloe said:  

    Cool!! Free cleaning!
    I want that too!!
    What is that black thing on your sofa?? I'm curious! haha

  • Maureen said:  

    It's a giant spider!

    Just kidding, it's my camera case.

  • Chloe said:  

    At first, I thought it was a black cat, then I thought it was black underwear!
    And with so many questions in my head, I needed to ask you!!

  • I Heart Monster said:  

    Great steal! Free carpet cleaning? Awe. Some.

  • Anonymous said:  

    I'm totally jealous. (although I just moved and they put in all new carpet). Now that I'm working full time, I completely understand how hard it is to keep things clean. I try so hard but by the time I get home all I want to do is get my workout in, eat and go to bed. And I work in an office - no field or anything dirty like that.

  • Camille said:  

    "In theory, I like to keep things clean." BEST LINE EVER. Totally describes me! : )

    Thanks for participating and sharing your great steal (and I like the new look of your blog...apparently it's been a while since I've clicked out of Google Reader).

  • carma said:  

    Score!!! I've been on a cleaning binge while my son is away at camp for two weeks. I've not been this inspired in a while. Everything looks so neat I'm thinking we should stay outside the home as much as possible so it will be preserved :D

  • Off-Black said:  

    We had clean carpet when we moved in to our house. Then we looked after a dog for a while. Then we had a kid. Now I have a previously unrealised appreciation for darker carpet hues.

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