Some Award Business

Aug 22, 2010 Leave a Comment

Recently, my blog friend, Chloe, gave me not one... but two neato awards!


So I thought I'd play along and share some things about me, seven things to be more specific.

1.  I cannot eat avocados.  They make my stomach upset.
2.  When my sister is in the shower, I sneak in to the bathroom, put a hairbrush behind the shower curtain and scream "It's a snake!"  It scares her every time.
3.  My brother, sister and I all have different colored eyes.
4.  I like modern art and ancient Chinese art best.
5.  I have been craving Dairy Queen like no other for the past month now.   MMMM... Chocolate crunchy shell...
6.  I don't really like driving.
7.  I took piano lessons for 10 years, and by college I could play Moonlight Sonata, but I can't remember how to play it anymore.

I think I'm supposed to pass this award along to people, so here's what I'm going to do.  If you're listed on my sidebar blog list, and you ever care to read this post, then you win!


  • Chloe said:  

    You don't like driving?!
    I love it! And I've had TWO car accidents! But it wasn't my fault in either of them.
    I had to go to hospital and wear a surgical collar for several weeks AND go to rehabilitation... too.
    But I still love driving.

  • carma said:  

    no guacamole??? that's sad. Plain avocados by themselves I can see. They are very slick and an odd texture.

    I'm beginning to despise driving more and more. My dream for ages has been to have no car.

  • Anonymous said:  

    I feel so bad for you that you can't eat avocados. I love them, though hate how expensive they are out east.

    I thought both Michael and Cara had blue eyes, did that change?

  • Maureen said:  

    Cara has blue eyes, but Michael's are a greenish hazel color, like my dad's.

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