day sixteen: things you crave a lot

Dec 16, 2010 Leave a Comment

This is probably supposed to be about food/drink, so I will say that I crave one thing in particular and that is this:

Mountain Dew.  (Or soda in general) I was first introduced to this carbonated wonder back in grad school.  A few days out of the week, my friends Nate and TT and I would each get a bottle for some socialization time and an afternoon pick-me-up.  If one person was not there, we would spill out a little bit for them, kind of like with a 40.  (Actually, now that I think about it, I probably should have done that with the 40 I drank.  Might have lessened the effects...Ahh, never again.  Anyway!) It has been very difficult for me to kick this afternoon habit, especially since we have like 3 soda machines downstairs.  Very, very difficult.

I honestly cannot think of a particular food that I crave. I like everything.  I asked Matt and he said, "Uhhhh... Mexican?  I don't know."  Mexican is actually what I was thinking of but I want to put that in a different post.

A couple times a year, what I really crave is to get on an airplane and get out of here.  Lucky for me, this is happening next week!  Dear snowy Michigan, I will see you soon!


  • Chloe said:  

    Will you post about your trip to Michigan??? Please? And will you share lots of pictures??
    I always crave chocolate. ALways. It's an addiction. I think. And pizza. Yummy!
    Yeah, I know what healthy food is. Why you ask?

  • Anonymous said:  

    I crave Sushi! Not all the time - but if I crave anything it's sushi.

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