Balloons Are Even Better at Night

Nov 2, 2011 Leave a Comment

Something I've always wanted to see at the Balloon Fiesta, but never have, is the night glow.  Until this year.  And it was awesome-tastic.

Yes, that is Spider Pig

This was when they all lit up at once.  So cool!


  • PJ said:  

    Whoa, those are so awesome and beautiful!

  • Rachel said:  

    WOW, that's so cool! Do they actually take off or just use the burners?

  • Maureen said:  

    They just used the burners. I think it might be dangerous for so many balloons to take off in the dark. A few go up in the morning for Dawn Patrol, when it's still dark, to check weather conditions. That's the only time I've seen them lit up in the sky.

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