Last Weeks At Negrito

Nov 30, 2011 Leave a Comment

I spent my last couple field weeks alone at Negrito.  There were a few people there, besides me.  But mostly I was just by myself.  It was not my favorite, but I lived through it.  I missed my field buddies.  (Yes, I will include both of them) Whether it was out digging holes or back at camp, we always had a good time together.  That's something I've rarely experienced in my 3 and 1/2 years here.  The nice thing is that J still works in our office while he goes to school, so I see him a couple days a week.  It's nice having at least one person who I can talk to at work.  The office is more highly populated than the forest, but it can still be lonely at times.  I like being back.  I like being able to work 8 hour days and then go home and relax.  But I miss the quiet stillness in the air, and the stars at night.  I wish you could see them.  So many, so bright, so unlike anything in the city.  It's like living in two different worlds.


  • Namzola said:  

    I haven't seen "quiet" like that in a LONG time. Looking at your pictures with the sound of my laundry dryer humming, I found true tranquility...and then the "Done" buzzer went off.

  • PJ said:  

    These really are tranquil-like.

    Re: My Christmas Traditions post

    1) My parents are members at St. Mary's (the UM student parish) now - and they don't have a PAC - they have a basement. Actually the room is about the size of the 2 basement rooms at St. Francis.
    2) I'm so glad we aren't the only one's who make fun of the singers. I felt kind of guilty typing that; but, it's true.
    3) We also make fun of the priest, well, depending on who it is. Last year we had this guy who was just way out there. Like his homily had nothing to do with Christmas at all.

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