The Last 6 months

Jul 2, 2011 Leave a Comment

Stuff has been so crazy around here that I haven't been able to post about everything I've been meaning to so far this year.  Instead of making a separate post about everything, which I'm definitely too lazy to do, I'll just catch up with some of my pictures I took from the last 6 months.  That way I can also finally clear out my camera card for some new pictures.  Multitasking!

We took Matt's dogs to the hills.  Here's Star looking cute.

Matt got three different Lufthansa airplanes, which he lined up together.  His sister just flew on Lufthansa airlines to Germany, not any of these particular ones though.  An A340-600.

My friend Erica came to visit and we hiked to the snowy Travertine Falls.

I went on an adventure to Silver City and took the scenic route back, through the overpass.

We took a trip to one of my favorite rest stops in New Mexico, Garden of the gods and goddesses.

We brought some friends along on a trip to the Mountains.

And went camping by a stream.

So, as the fires continue to burn around the state (albeit more under control, now) and I continue to deal with the stresses of daily life, I will remember these times and look forward to new adventures and many more photographs to come.


  • Nain @ View From Down Here said:  

    It's always good to have those little things to look back at in moments of stress. Beautiful beautiful pictures!

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