My Weekend Buddy

Jul 30, 2011 Leave a Comment

I have a house guest this weekend.  His name is Boris.

Oh my gosh!  Cute!    

His full name is something complicated and Russian because his owner really likes Russian authors.  And I do too, and am part Russian, but I still can't remember the name.  Haha.  I'm watching him for my co-worker while he is in Las Vegas for a wedding.  I'm jealous.  Have I mentioned how much I love Vegas?  Oh yes, yes I have.

Anyway, I've decided pugs are awesome.  They're affectionate, loyal, smart, well behaved and have the cutest little bark ever.  They are the perfect apartment dog.  I want one. 

Right now he's sleeping on the couch and it's super adorable.  I may never give him back...  : )


  • Elizabeth and Kyle @ Love Is the Adventure said:  

    HI BORIS!! You win the second cutest dog award! You're competing with my pomeranian so you can't be first but you sure are a doll...

    There is nothing like a cuddly dog to make a place feel like home.

  • Amanda said:  

    He's so cute! Hope you're enjoying having him around :)

  • PJ said:  

    He is too cute! I love pugs, though I might be biased since my parents dog is part pug.

    I like the first picture, he's like "hey there. What's up?"

  • Rachel said:  

    Such a cutie! Enjoy your houseguest.

  • Jessica said:  

    OMG! Adorable!!! Tim's sister uses to have a pug, Oliver (RIP)...he was super sweet! This one year, Tim's brother photoshopped Oliver's head onto a cooked T-Day turkey. SO wrong but SO funny...

  • carma said:  

    I love his "wassup" look in the first pic - enjoy your time together :D

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