30 pics, it's what all the cool kids are doing

Mar 24, 2011 Leave a Comment

1. someone you spend a lot of time with

This is my favorite picture of him

2. a picture of you

the stratosphere

3. a random pic of you and your sig other

same people as above.  hmm...

4. a picture of something that makes you happy

5. an old picture of you

6. a picture of your siblings

this one makes me laugh

7. a picture you never posted on your blog before


8. a picture of a person you miss

my buddy TT : (

9. a picture of people who know you now and then

10. a picture of your favorite place

garden of the gods and goddesses

11. a person you can tell everything to

that's my sister, in case you were wondering

12. a picture of your everyday life

13. a picture from a place you love

i love vegas!  

14. a picture that reminds you of great times

the night of my thesis defense.  ahh, those were the days. 

15. a picture of one of your favorite foods

bobcat bite, the best burger in the country

I'm getting sick of this so I'll post the second half later.  Good night.


  • Chloe said:  

    Love it!!
    Your last sentence is the best. :-)

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