Mar 10, 2011 Leave a Comment

Why is the bandwidth exceeded? It's written all across the top of my page. Does that show up for everyone or just me?  I would check it on my computer at work, but I gave up all blog-related things at work for Lent.  I mean, they can check my work computer and find out what I do all day if they really wanted to, so I probably shouldn't be on it anyway.  So here's some incentive, right?  When I was in college, I gave up internet computer games, like text twist and bejeweled and some other weird games, for Lent, and I haven't played one since then.  I just didn't find it interesting after I had given it up.  I think I will still find blogging interesting when I'm done (obviously I will still be blogging), but I'm training myself to not want to look at it at work.  I don't need to get in trouble for something dumb like that.

Anyway, what was I talking about?  Oh, the bandwidth.  It's probably my new layout.  And I really like this one, too.  Darn.

Oh guess what, I found my aerial photos, if anyone cares.  My boss accidentally put them with his stuff and forgot about them. I snooped around in is cubicle and found them.  Heeheee.

Is it just me, or did this week go by really fast?  I'm not complaining but it just seems like Monday was not that long ago, when I was watching all those Bachelor bizzos talking about their drama, and Matt kept changing the channel so he could watch Scarface.  I watched the end where he has a huge pile of coke and goes crazy shooting everyone and then some dude shoots him in the back and he falls in the pool in a pile of blood.  Good times.


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