Warm, sunny days...

Mar 11, 2011 Leave a Comment

Are the days when I most miss Vegas, because they remind me of the way I felt when I was there.  These were the kind of days that were perfect for leaving early and heading to the bar, where the spring air wafted in and the cigarette smoke stuck to my clothes.  Where we fell into easy conversation and I was genuinely happy to be with the group of people who were there.  Where life was easy and free.

Now, as the days get warmer and the sun stays longer in the sky, those feelings of contented happiness have come back to life.  Field season doesn't seem so bad anymore as I imagine warm, calm weekends back on my patio, swimming in the pool, and maybe even going to a bar or two.  Spring makes me feel light.


  • Rachel said:  

    I feel the same when spring comes around. Shame I don't have any windows in my office!

  • Maureen said:  

    I don't either. If I stand up on my tiptoes and look over the top of the cubicles, I can kind of see out the window, though :)

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