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Sorry my last posts were a bit of a downer.  I'm in a sort of better mood now.  I'm kind of nervous because I lost a whole stack of aerial photos.  Absolutely no clue where they are.  Hopefully they're in my apartment somewhere...

I've been busy doing a lot of stuff lately.  Last weekend, my parents came to visit.  It was fun.  We went to see the Petroglyphs and to the Balloon Museum.  My dad took some pictures but he has them on his phone which means I will likely never see them.  He doesn't really understand the phone picture to computer image relationship.  Oh well.  My mom made some really good tilapia, which was on sale for $2.97/lb.  That's a pretty fantastic deal.  Matt came over and we watched Family Guy.  My mom thought the talking baby and dog were weird.  Haha.  She also cleaned out my refrigerator, took out the garbage and dusted everything.

On Tuesday morning I drove them to the airport and life returned to normal.  I went to work.  Not extremely noteworthy.  I took a quiz at school and got my midterm.  It's midterm already.  That means it's getting closer to field season.  Hmmm...  Still not sure how I feel about that.  I think the thing is that I used to like summer a lot because it felt free, but now it doesn't feel that way.  It sort of feels less free, if that makes sense.  But I like that I get to be outside.

This weekend will be pretty busy too, but I think it will be good.  I'm picking up my new ottoman, which my parents bought me as an early birthday present.  It's really cool.  I'm excited.  I'll probably go to the bank to cash some checks.  Always a good thing.  And I'm pretty sure my computer will finally get fixed this weekend.  Hooray Hooray.  Plus Matt's sister will be in town and that is always fun.  Good things.  Thinking good thoughts.


  • Chloe said:  

    How did you do this new full screen layout?? It's cool!!!
    I've been trying to do this for weeks, but haven't found out how to do it!!

  • Maureen said:  

    I had been looking for something like this as well for a long time. It's called the Atahualpa theme, designed for Wordpress but adapted for Blogger. I just googled Atahualpa Theme for Blogger. You can download it and upload it back into your account. I'm not sure how reliable the source is, but I checked it for spyware and such, and didn't find anything. I like it but am having trouble figuring out how to get an image in the header, like they have in the preview.

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