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day five: favorite superhero + why they are your favorite

Nov 12, 2010 Leave a Comment

This one was easy peasy!  My favorite superhero is, and always has been...  du du du du...

Inspector Gadget!

Why?  Because he's awesome.  He has lots of cool gadgets that don't always work right, which makes him even more badass because it never brings him down.  In the end, he still gets the job done, even if it is done so with the help of  his niece, Penny, and his genius dog, Brain.  They're his sidekicks, his partners in crime-fighting, even though he may not always realize it.  I also like that the Chief always has something self-destruct all over him.  And of course, the mysterious Dr. Claw and his cat.

I'll get you, Gadget!  Next time, next time!!!

Funny, entertaining, nostalgic.  What more could you want in a superhero?

Of course, if I did have a runner up, I'd have to pick

Donatello from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

What can I say?  I like the scientist/inventor type.


  • Breeza said:  

    I LOVE Inspector Gadget!

  • Wildology said:  

    Hahaha, Inspector Gadget is mine too!!!!

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