day six: what’s in your bag?

Nov 13, 2010 Leave a Comment

A lot of stuff.  Seriously.  A.lot.of.stuff.  My purse is a good insight into what I'm like in the greater scheme of things.  Ahh, disorganization. Anyway, it's good that I'm doing this because maybe it will inspire me to clean some things out.  Starting with this thing.

My mom made this purse for me.  It's great.  I've gotten a lot of compliments from people on it.  If only they could see the inside...  Let's journey into the great abyss.

Contents (all 50 bazillion of them, give or take a few):

1) Vitamin C packet one of my coworkers gave me when I got sick in the field 3 weeks ago
2) Random Halloween candy and pieces of candy wrappers
3) My phone
4) A bunch of old receipts from September and October
5) A compass key chain that I used to have with the rest of my keys until one of my professors in Vegas decided I didn't need it on there anymore and took it off.  (Drinking may have been involved...)
6) Sunglasses case
7) A bunch of twisty ties
8) iPod
9) iPod charger and iTrip for the car
10) Two pens
11) Camera memory card
12) Midol
13) Post-its
14) Work ID
15) Fortune cookie fortune that says, "A ship in harbor is safe, but that's not why ships are built." A Chinese word: waw tung yee, which means "I agree."  Lucky numbers: 14, 2, 37, 49, 15, 26.
16) Chapstick from the goat milk store in Glenwood
17) $3.58 in change
18) Wallet and zipper that fell of off wallet
19) Half eaten gingersnap Lara Bar (That I didn't like but somehow felt compelled to keep)

Uhh, so yeah, that's about it.  I crammed a lot of stuff in there, huh?  No wonder it always takes me forever to dig out my keys...


  • carma said:  

    when are you going to finish #19?

  • Maureen said:  

    Good question. It's sitting on my table right now.

  • Jessica said:  

    You're not exactly, you know, purse-fection, yourself. And you know what? That is spectacular. Who needs a neat purse? We need USEFUL purses - which is exactly what you've got.

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