day nine: a song for every mood

Nov 23, 2010 Leave a Comment

This is grand.  I like music. A lot.  And I think I have a pretty diverse and unique taste in music that I would love to share with you.  Perhaps more music posts in the future?  Maybe, but I wouldn't hold my breath...

As for today, I will post a song (or two?) for every mood.  Well, maybe not every mood.  Because there are a lot of moods, and lot of moods in between moods.  I'll just stick to these predetermined originals, if that's ok with you.  And if it's not... umm, too bad?


One of my absolute favorite songs to listen to because it puts me in a good mood every time is Ventura Highway by America.  The tune is just so sunny and happy and the lyrics are kinda trippy, in a good way.  It's my favorite driving song.


A really, really sad song is called Sad Eyes by Bat for Lashes.  It's a good song but I'm not sure I like it because it makes me so sad to hear it.  Anyway, it's not their best song.  My favorite by them is Prescilla.  I'm not sure what category it fits into.  Maybe sad?  But also hopeful.  And the music video kicks ass. 


Disturbed - Down With The Sickness
Drowning Pool - Bodies

These are the two most angry songs I can think of.


I absolutely love The Luckiest by Ben Folds.  It's a beautiful, sweet song and I like to listen to it over and over.  That and Emmaline, which is the song that comes right after it on his live album.  Oh, and at the end of The Luckiest, he says "Stars!" for some reason, and it just makes me smile every time. 


The only things that come to mind right now are two songs I heard at a party a while back.  One is called Mr. New Mexico (I think?), and another one is about Pandas.  Pandas like bamboo.  In the wild, they do it panda style.  Hehe.  Pretty much anything techno and/or house style is good for partyin.


This is difficult because I have an entire iTunes folder dedicated to "chill" music, but my favorite at the moment is anything by Charles Afton.  His music reminds me of sitting on a beach drinking Pina Coladas. 


One morning, I was hung over after a party and the song that came on the player and woke me up was a weird song that said "Hey, you!  What's your name?  You have a name so you're playing this game.  Jump up and down and turn around and sit back down so we can start again!"  It was very demanding, and not sleepy at all.


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